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Race Recap: Hollywood Casino 400

23 Oct

Okay, full disclosure: I didn’t watch this past weekend’s race.  I rented “The Hunger Games” instead, and it was pretty awesome.  Best 74 cents I’ve ever spent (thank you, Redbox!!!).

I just got caught up on the race highlights, however, thanks to NASCAR‘s wonderfully produced “Race Rewind” (which as I’ve mentioned before, is a must-watch any time you miss a race).

Here’s the tweet that sent me to the Race Rewind for the Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas, by the way (so I knew right off the bat that Matt Kenseth won):

…and here is the NASCAR.com recap of the race.


Matt Kenseth celebrates in Victory Lane after the Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas.


Some thoughts on the race (or more accurately, some thoughts on the Race Rewind for Kansas):

  • Did you hear the announcer say (Race Rewind, Lap 32) that they were expecting “maybe half a dozen” cautions? HA! (There were a track-record 14 on Sunday).
  • Everyone knows that Tony Stewart is a psycho, right?  RIGHT???  (See Race Rewind, Lap 74: “Feel free, at any point guys, to get your heads out of your @$$es.”)
  • Check out the Race Rewind at Lap 147 after Brad Keselowski almost hits the wall.  The dash cam has a perfectly placed Dodge logo that looks suspiciously computer-generated.  Here it is:

Check out that Dodge logo. Looks Photoshop’d.


Here’s a question:

  • When Greg Biffle hits the wall and slides across the grass into Pit Lane (Lap 174), he was allowed to go straight to his pit box without entering Pit Lane at the beginning???

Greg Biffle takes a shortcut to his pit box on Lap 174.


EarlyTweet of the Week” candidates:


So, another week of the Chase down, and the Top 3 remain the same: (1) Brad Keselowski, (2) Jimmie Johnson, and (3) Denny Hamlin.

Everyone else better start making moves or one of these three will win the championship this season.


Next Sunday, the Chase for the Sprint Cup moves to Ridgeway, Virginia, for the TUMS Fast Relief 500 at Martinsville Speedway a.k.a. “The Paperclip.”

Now… we’ve already had a “Fast Relief” race name this season (The Goody’s Fast Relief 500, also at Martinsville), so couldn’t we have been a little more original, Tums??



Race Preview: Bojangles’ Southern 500

11 May

I must be a Northerner, because I’d never heard of Confederate Memorial Day before today, but apparently it’s a real thing, and apparently there is always a NASCAR race in South Carolina that weekend.

According to Wikipedia, Confederate Memorial Day is “an official holiday and/or observance day in parts of the U.S. South as a day to honor those who died fighting for the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War.”


So yes, I’m a Northerner, but I have heard of this week’s sponsor: Bojangles’. (It’s basically like Popeye’s or KFC, but their locations are mainly in the South).

My sister went to school in North Carolina, so we drove past a Bojangles’ once, and I laughed at the name. Never ate at one, though.

Anyways… The Bojangles’ Southern 500 is race #11 (out of 36) on the Sprint Cup circuit. Race coverage on Saturday starts at 6:30 PM EDT on FOX. (The race itself starts at 7:15 PM EDT).

Below the logo, find everything you need to prepare for Saturday’s race.


NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – Bojangles’ Southern 500

  • Location: Darlington, South Carolina
  • Track name: Darlington Raceway
  • Track shape: Not-quite oval, or: “egg-shaped.”
  • Banking: 25° turns 1-2, 23° turns 3-4, 6° frontstretch, 6° backstretch
  • Lap length: 1.366 miles
  • Race distance: 367 laps / 501 miles


As always, I’ll be tweeting my comments and questions about NASCAR during the race from my Twitter account: @NASCARneophyte. If you can answer my questions, please do.

Enjoy the race everyone.

Race Preview: STP 400

21 Apr

NASCAR lands in Kansas this weekend (there’s a Wizard of Oz joke in there somewhere), where points leader Greg Biffle looks to continue his early season success in the Sprint Cup Series.

The STP 400 is race #8 (out of 36) on the Sprint Cup circuit. Race coverage on Sunday starts at 12:30 PM EDT on FOX, and the race itself begins at 1:16 PM EDT.

Below the logo, find everything you need to prepare for the race.


NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – STP 400

  • Location: Kansas City, KS
  • Track name: Kansas Speedway
  • Track shape: Tri-oval
  • Banking: 15 degrees
  • Lap length: 1.5 miles
  • Race distance: 267 laps / 401 miles


Here are a few storylines for the race:

  • Hendrick Motorsports drivers (#5, #24, #48, and #88) continue to look for their first win of the season (and Mr. Hendrick’s 200th career victory as an owner).


I’ll be following the race on Twitter tomorrow and will check in whenever possible with my questions and comments. Look for my tweets at @NASCARneophyte and if you can answer my questions, please do.

Enjoy the race everyone.

Race Recap: Samsung Mobile 500

15 Apr

During the NASCAR pre-race show on FOX yesterday, the hosts talked about Greg Biffle (@gbiffle) seemingly flying under the radar this year even though he led the Sprint Cup Series in points.

They also suggested that maybe he was hadn’t earned the respect he deserved since he hadn’t won a race yet this year.

Well, Biffle changed all that yesterday, earning his first win of the season at Texas Motor Speedway. He earned this sweet trophy in the process:

I caught most of the race last night, but I fell asleep (again… whoops) during the last half hour and woke up just as Biffle was doing his celebratory donuts on the track.

Of the racing that I did see, I noticed that there were very few cautions in yesterday’s race, which I think led to more cars falling a lap (or more) behind the leader. Fair assessment?

Interestingly, I don’t remember hearing the announcers say the actual name of the race (Samsung Mobile 500) once. Admittedly, I left the room a few times and fell asleep at the end, but I definitely think it’s strange to have a company sponsor a race and not hear their name stated even one time while I was watching.


As always, I picked up some new NASCAR knowledge this week thanks to Twitter, and the announcers on FOX during the race. Here’s a summary:

  • Race qualifying order determines the order in which teams are allowed to select their pit road location. (Makes sense to me).
  • Apparently, drivers can return to a race in another car than they started in (see below). This blows my mind.


As always, some questions came up yesterday as I was watching. If you can answer them, help me out in the comments section below or tweet @NASCARneophyte.

1. At one point in the race, a car in pit road had to be pushed out of the pit box by the pit crew (I didn’t catch the car number). Why did this happen, and does it happen a lot?

2. I know that the “pole-sitter” is the driver who starts in first place, but where did the term come from? Is the “pole” the stand where they wave the flags from?

3. Was that a hotel overlooking the Texas Motor Speedway? (If so, I wonder if people watched from there).

4. How often do NASCAR tracks get re-paved?

5. Serious question: Has there ever been an African American driver in NASCAR?


Next weekend, the Sprint Cup Series will move to Kansas for the STP 400. The week after that, on April 28th, I’ll be going to my first live NASCAR race in Richmond. I can’t wait!