NASCAR’s Equivalent Of CliffsNotes

15 May

If you’re a NASCAR fan and you don’t follow the official @NASCAR Twitter account, I completely understand; they tweet a LOT.

Pictures, videos, news articles, driver press conference schedules… you name it, they tweet it. And they don’t just cover the Sprint Cup Series, but the Nationwide Series and the Camping World Truck Series as well.

Leave Twitter for a few hours on race day, and you could easily come back to 50+ tweets from @NASCAR on your timeline.

Having said that, I’m sure you’ll excuse me if I don’t read every tweet or click every link posted by @NASCAR. (I’ve learned to skip past most of them).

On Monday, however, as I scrolled through my timeline on Twitter (@NASCARneophyte), I noticed a tweet that piqued my interest (see below).

As it turns out, after every race, the folks at come up with a highlight video called “Race Rewind” that cuts down the ~3 hour marathon race into ~15 intense minutes of racing highlights.

They hit all the key race moments, without any of the boring fluff.

In high school English class terms, the Race Rewind is the equivalent of CliffsNotes.

(Where has this been all my NASCAR-following life?!?)


Below is the tweet that introduced me to the Race Rewind. It links directly to the 15-minute recap of the Bojangles’ Southern 500 at Darlington (and yes, if you were wondering, I did watch the whole video).


Less useful for my purposes is the “Weekend Top 5” segment, which recaps the Top 5 NASCAR moments from each weekend’s races.

(From what I can tell, it includes Nationwide AND Sprint Cup Series moments, although I’m not sure if the Truck Series is also included occasionally).

Below is the @NASCAR tweet that links directly to the Weekend Top 5 for Darlington.


I know one thing for sure. If I have to miss another race in the future, I’ll just check out the Race Rewind afterward and get all the highlights I need without any moments I don’t.

I have to hand it to NASCAR; they did a great job with this video series. I’ll be sure to watch the next one, too!



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